Turn to the Darknet

Join Angus Bancroft at 8.20pm, Friday 18th August at the New Town Theatre (Fringe venue 7) to discuss how we can learn from online criminals when it comes to protecting our privacy.


Tell us a bit about yourself

Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Edinburgh

How does your CoDI show fit in with your research?

I research how illicit markets work and how people use secrecy online.

Why is the topic ‘dangerous’?

The dangerous idea is that we can be safer online and more secure by learning from people involved in shady dealings.

Does it rightly have this label? Is the topic unjustly controversial?

It is controversial because some of the activity involved is unquestionably harmful, but some of the proposed solutions such as weakening encryption would create even more risk.

Why is the topic important to you?

The early promise of the internet was how freeing it would be. More and more it is the opposite – tied down, locked out and comes at the cost of us surrendering our personal data. The darknet is one way of getting that promise back

Describe your show in 3 words

Felonious geeky underworlds

Why should the unenlightened Fringe-goer attend your show? What will they learn?

  • What the darknet is
  • Why criminals are increasingly writing business plans
  • How secrecy is replacing privacy


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