Week 2 round up

Its coming to the end of week 2 of the fringe, can you believe it?

We have had loads more excellent shows covering topics from the selfie to evolutionary theory. We even featured on STV’s Fountainbridge show which you can watch here at 11.15 mins

In the next few days you can look forward to some shows surrounding drugs, violence and criminality…

Saturday 22nd- Swords into ploughshares

Sunday 23rd – The Cocaine Conspiracy 

The Cocaine Conspiracy (trailer 2015) from Wild Leaf Reels on Vimeo.

Monday 24th – The war on drugs is harmful 

Tuesday 25th – Hug a thug

Let’s take a #Fringie

This year at the Edinburgh Fringe we have seen the rise of the fringie…



With this in mine we are CALLING TO YOU TO SEND US YOU FRINGIES! @CODIfringe #codi15 

Why? One of our shows in the programme is called “Fashion and the selfie” where Mal Burkinshaw Director of Fashion at the Edinburgh College of Art explores, with you the audience, the role that fashion plays in stereotyping ideals of beauty and the rise of the me me me selfie culture

When are we ever good enough?

Help craft the show- send us your fringies!

Four down twenty to go!

We have firmly set up shop now at The Stand in the Square  in our lovely yurt.

The Yurt's roof (Lucy Gibbons)
Sun shining through the roof of the Yurt!

We have had 4 fantastic shows with many different props and great public discussions.

Here are some photos of the events so far.

Upcoming Events:

Thursday 14th – Women! Science is still not for you 

Friday 14th – Let’s Turn on the smart light!

Saturday 15th- Not so native now 

Sunday 16th – Alas poor Darwin..? 

For the full programme of events click here.