Shiver Me Liver

Join Karen Matthews at 8.20pm, Thursday 17th August at the New Town Theatre (Fringe venue 7) to discuss all things liver disease.


Tell us a bit about yourself

Liver nurse specialist at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.  Professional doctorate student at Queen Margaret Universiy (Centre for Applied Social Science)

How does your CoDI show fit in with your research?

The show touches on some of the findings from my recent feasibility study.

Why is the topic ‘dangerous’?

I hope to challenge the stigma surrounding cirrhosis and the reasons for health inequalities surrounding liver disease

Does it rightly have this label? Is the topic unjustly controversial?

I believe it is right that it has this label given the resistance I have had from certain areas in taking this research forward

Why is the topic important to you?

Most of those with liver disease present to medical services at an advanced stage in their disease. In both my study and with this show I hope to raise awareness and encourage more people to be aware and consider dealing with possible lifestyle choices earlier.

Describe your show in 3 words

Fun. Informative. Dynamic.

Why should the unenlightened Fringe-goer attend your show? What will they learn?

They will learn some basics about liver health and disease. They will be challenged on their views of who gets cirrhosis.


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