Psychiatry is the Best Medicine!

Join Stephen Lawrie at 8.20pm, Saturday 26th August at the New Town Theatre (Fringe venue 7) to discover why psychiatry doesn’t get the credit it deserves.


Tell us a bit about yourself

I am Head of Psychiatry at Edinburgh University and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist with NHS Lothian

How does your CoDI show fit in with your research?

I have done studies about the stigmatisation of psychiatry and psychiatric patients

Why is the topic ‘dangerous’?

It challenges people’s preconceptions that medicine is effective while psychiatry is ineffective

Does it rightly have this label? Is the topic unjustly controversial?

Yes, I think so

Why is the topic important to you?

I wish to reduce the stigmatisation of psychiatry, psychiatrists and our patients

Describe your show in 3 words

Promoting Psychiatry Truths

Why should the unenlightened Fringe-goer attend your show? What will they learn?

To learn how psychiatry is practised and how effective it is


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