More Advice!

Today I’m talking to Andreas Zaunseder for even MORE advice! He’s telling me all about the dark net and why we should all be using it.

If like me you need a double dose of advice, come see Andreas’s show, ‘Turn To The Darknet’ on the 12th August.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone who’s worried about their privacy on the internet?

Stay offline and wait for better times.

Haha…just joking. That’s hardly possible for an awful lot of people these days, isn’t it?

I most enthusiastically congratulate this someone for worrying! Your worries  signal critical engagement with the online world that has become such an essential part in our everyday life – and yet has often remained unscrutinised.

I would suggest trying to look behind the stage and see how the “online show” is being run. The “show” here is what pops up on your browser or the software installed on devices such as laptop, work station, smartphone, or tablet. Keep in mind we are an active part of this show as soon as we establish a connection with the WWW. That’s the side on knowledge. The other side of the advice is tread carefully on the stage of the show: you always leave a trace, a so-called ‘digital footprint’. There are some ways that help to tread more lightly – for example in what is commonly as the ‘Dark Net’.

Unfortunately, there is no one catch all advice. You might want to ask yourself what specifically you are worried about online privacy – and why – first, and bring it to the show. Is it surveillance and censorship by state authorities? Manipulation? Your email account? Customised shopping adverts? Or the rest of profit-driven harvesting and processing of information about your personal interests and predilections?

Does the internet also know more about yourself than your soulmates, closest friends, parents, and partners combined? That sounds a bit barmy, yet it is anything but exceptional.

Does that advice apply even to people who use the internet more casually?


It matters less how often I go to the pub than what I do in there, right?

Also, remember the internet is not just opening the Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Iceweasel, Google Chrome.

 If I do ‘turn to the dark net’, will my experience of the internet change drastically?

It might do. That depends what your understanding of the ‘dark net’ and knowledge about internet had been before the show. Would it be drastic if you learned that the dark net is not the global gang house of heavy criminals? Would it be drastic if you started to appreciate being shrouded in a bit of a protective dark net rather than clearest exposure?

Why would you advise people to come to your show?

Online privacy and the “Dark Net” can be a quite intimidating sphere and a very complex matter to grasp. Would you like to shed some light into the dark net? Why not approach it in a fun way together at the show? If you would like to learn a bit of how to enhance your online privacy, pop in. Do not be afraid – it is all GDPR compliant.