2015 programme

Here is the Fringe 2015 programme.

Date Title Performers
Fri 7 Soak up the sun and to hell with skin cancer! Richard Weller
Sat 8 Hearing loss or deaf gain? Jemina Napier, Noel O’Connell
Sun 9 GM bacteria could save your life Clare Taylor
Mon 10 Cervical cancer – you’re history! Sarah Howie, Heather Cubie
Tue 11 Scotland in six swallies Susan Morrison
Wed 12 Stop brushing your teeth! Jan Clarkson
Thu 13 Women, science is still not for you! Pam Cameron, Clare Taylor
Fri 14 Let’s turn on the smart light Yunlu Wang, Aravind Venugopalan
Sat 15 Not so native now Antonella Sorace
Sun 16 Alas, poor Darwin..? Kate Cross, Lewis Dean
Mon 17 Fashion and the selfie Mal Burkinshaw
Tue 18 Whose face is it anyway? Felicity Mehendale
Wed 19 The hidden world of functional disorders Jon Stone
Thu 20 Wild, Scottish and free Ian Edwards
Fri 21 Skating on thin ice Lorna Street, Phil Wookey
Sat 22 Swords into ploughshares Jolyon Mitchell, Lesley Orr
Sun 23 The cocaine conspiracy Karina Banda, Julieth Serrano and Maria Fernanda – Torres
Mon 24 The war on drugs is harmful Stephen Lawrie
Tue 25 Hug a thug Lesley McAra and Susan McVie
Wed 26 Back to the statistical future! Nicola Osborne, Helen Aiton
Thu 27 The Great British Brain Off Alan Gow
Fri 28 What if Lance Armstrong had the right idea? Derek Ball
Sat 29 Computers are only for geeks Karen Petrie
Sun 30 Edinburgh should ban students Mary Bownes
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