2014 programme

Date Title  Performer
1st August Should Capitalism Be Criminal? Dr. Lynne Copson
2nd August Cocaine- Between White Lines Colombian Researchers from the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh
3rd August Benefit Scrounger Or Unemployed Worker? Dr. Jan Eichhorn
4th August The Internet- A Human Right? Professor Michael Fourman
5th August In Pursuit Of Beauty ECA and All Walks Diversity Network
6th August Speech Sucks: The Future Signs Professor Graham Turner
7th August Alcohol Costs Too Much Dr. Angus Bancroft
8th August Anti-Depressants Are Not Over Prescribed!  Professor Stephen Lawrie
9th August Is Scottish Independence Bad For Your Health? University Of Edinburgh’s Innogen Institution
10th August The Trial Of Chimpanzee Jack Lewis Dean
11th August Are ‘Designer Babies’ A Slippery Slope? Dr. Gary Kerr
12th August The Hidden World Of Functional Disorders Dr. Jon Stone
13th August The Bright Club Various Performers
14th August Women! Science Is Not For You! Dr. Clare Taylor and Dr. Pam Cameron
15th August I Know What You Ate Last Summer Dr. Mhairi Aitken
16th August Keep The Kids Out! Jenny Wood and David McAllister
17th August Breed Bilingual! Professor Antonella Sorace
18th August Brain Training On Trial Dr. Alan Gow
19th August What Skeletons Are In Your Closet? Nicola Osborne and Helen Aiton
20th August Are We Wasting Your Data? Dr Felicity Mehendale
21st August Sex-Selective Abortions: Behind The Headlines Professor Prabir Bhattacharga
22nd August Is Your Marmite Watching You? Design Informatics Research Centre
23rd August Prescriptions For Sunbeds? Dr. Richard Weller
24th August We’d Eat GM Meat- Would You? Professor Helen Sang and Bruce Whitelaw
25th August Hug a Thug



CoDI 2014 Fringe programme