2016 shows

 Here are our fantastic CODI 2016 shows:

Date Title Performers
Thu 4 Mental health is … MENTAL Stephen Lawrie
Fri 5 Exercise is Bad for You Derek Ball
Sat 6 Choose Your Own Science Adventure Kate Cross and Lewis Dean
Sun 7 Bad Teeth = Bad Health Jan Clarkson
Mon 8 Is Cancer Screening Harmful? Gary Kerr
Tue 9 Bringing Death Back to Life Scott Murray
Wed 10 Keep the Kids Out! Jenny Wood
Thu 11 Language Lessons on the NHS? Thomas Bak
Fri 12 Hands Off My Clubcard… Just Take My DNA! Mhairi Aitken
Sat 13 The Myth of Universal Sign Language Jemina Napier, Mark MacQueen, Stacey Webb, and Gary Quinn
Sun 14 Cervical Cancer – You’re History! Heather Cubie and Sarah Howie
Mon 15 Let Big Brother Watch! Matjaz Vidmar
Tue 16 Can Anyone Write a Romance Novel? Amy Burge
Wed 17 Tax Powers? Careful What You Wish For! Grahame Steven
Thu 18 Is This Your Life? Rachel Hosker
Fri 19 How Cyber Crime Benefits Society Angus Bancroft
Sat 20 Should We Have Zoos? Mary Bownes
Sun 21 If I Googled You, What Would I Find? Nicola Osborne
Mon 22 Let Extremists Speak? Khadijah Elshayyal
Tue 23 More Plastics = A Better World Michael Shaver
Wed 24 Is the Cyber Armageddon Coming? Bill Buchanan CANCELLED 
Wed 24  IndyRef2: The Rebellion Continues? Tommy Sheppard and Nicola McEwen
Thu 25 Dolly the Sheep: Major Discovery or Minor Distraction? Helen Sang, Tilo Kunath and Miguel Garcia Sancho Sanchez
Fri 26 Hug a Thug Lesley McAra and Susan McVie
Sat 27 The Antibiotic Apocalypse Threatens Us All! Clare Taylor
Sun 28 One-Stop-Body-Shop Gill Haddow