2018 programme

Date Title Performers
3rd August Abolish Childhood

What Does Sex Sell?

Phillip Cook

Kat Rezai

4th August Privacy is Dead, Long Live Privacy! 

Hey, You at the Back!

Nicola Osborne

Catherine Bovill


5th August  Who Do You Want to Wipe Your Bum?

Silence in the Archive

Anna Schneider

Rachel Hosker

6th August   Dr Google Will See You Now!

Listening to the Public is Dangerous!

Mhairi Aitken

Carol Porteous

7th August Doing MORE Drugs (Policy)

What Keeps You Sharp?

Anna Ross

Alan Gow

8th August The Problem with Patriotism

Monolinguals, Where Are You?

David Mountain

Antonella Sorace

9th August Never a Soft Touch

Science is F***ed

Oonagh O’Brien and Jerusalem Barnabas

Stephen Darling

10th August Stop Making Sense

We’re All Mental!

Daphne Loads

Matthias Schwannauer

11th August  Fibre Optics Can Save the World!

Why is Mental Illness So Goddamn Controversial?

Matthew Partridge

Stephen Lawrie

12th August School of Batman – Live!

Turn to the Darknet

Matthew Partridge, Chris George

Andreas Zaunseder

13th August Ditch the Classroom; Speak in Tongues!

Fibre Optics Can Save the World!

Thomas Bak

Matthew Partridge

14th August Disgust for Dummies

Cows Eat Grass, Don’t They?

Anna Sedda

Orla Shortall

15th August All News is Fake News!

Privacy is Dead, Long Live Privacy!

David Finnegan, Sarah Keer-Keer

Nicola Osborne

16th August What Keeps You Sharp?

Ditch the Classroom; Speak in Tongues!

Alan Gow

Thomas Bak

17th August Footballers Have Feelings Too

Suspect Confessions

Neil Speirs

Faye Skelton

18th August Politics of The Tooth Fairy

Science is F***ed

Jan Clarkson and Craig Ramsay

Stephen Darling

19th August Monolinguals, Where Are You?

No Copyright, No Problem?

Antonella Sorace

Smita Kheria

20th August The Naked Blind Data Show

Is Astronaut Food the Future?

Sarah Chan, Lee Baylis

Matjaz Vidmar

21st August The Dark Side of Fluorescence

Big Boys Don’t Cry

Amy Davies

Fiona McQueen

22nd August Will Pigs Save Our Bacon?

Silence in the Archive

James Lowe

Rachel Hosker

23rd August Never Say Die?

When Is Lying Good?

Scott Murray, Caroline Hewson

Amy Tilbrook

24th August Footballers Have Feelings Too


Neil Speirs

Elinor Mason

25th August May Contain Neanderthal

Abolish Childhood!

Jonathan Pettitt

Philip Cook

26th August The Spy Who Doped Me

We’re All Mental!

Derek Ball

Matthias Schwannauer