2017 programme

Date Title Performers
4th August Making a Signbank Withdrawal

Bring Back Child Labour

Jordan Fenlon and Andy Carmichael

Philip Cook

5th August Outer Space- The Next Empire?

Neoliberalism. Gender and Victimhood in #KUWTK

Matjaz Vidmar and Pippa Goldschmidt

Gemma Flynn


6th August  Eradicate Parkinsons?!

Doctor Google Will See You Now!

Tilo Kunath and John MacPhee

Mhairi Aitken

7th August The Pain Factory

Alternative Facts: Is The Truth In The Archives?

Lauren Ware

Rachel Hosker

8th August Start Skipping The Dentist!

Physics vs Psychology: Which Is The Hard Science?

Jan Clarkson and Craig Ramsay

Kate Cross and Helen Cammack


9th August The Robots Are Coming!

Is Pee A Feminist Issue?

Ruth Aylett

Elaine Miller

10th August You Don’t Matter

Eyewitnesses Are Futile

Catherine Heymans and Joe Zuntz

Stephen Darling

11th August Women, Science Is Not For You: III

Is Your Online Reputation Hurting You?

Pam Cameron, Clare Taylor and Frances M. Lynch

Nicola Osborne

12th August  Anti-Vaxxers are Anti-Social!

Doing Drugs (Policy)

 Clare Taylor

Anna Ross

13th August Fifty Shades Of Green

Are Aliens Coming To Eat Your Face?

Terry Huang

Adam Stevens

14th August In Praise Of Useless Languages

Fitness To Witness

Antonella Sorace

Faye Skelton

15th August What Keeps You Sharp?

Can Recipes Help Gender Equality?

Alan Gow

Daphne Loads

16th August No Copyright, No Problem?

Find Your Neurotribe?

Smita Kheria

Matthias Schwannauer

17th August Fitness To Witness

Shiver Me Liver

Karen Matthews

Faye Skelton

18th August Measuring Humanity

Turn To The Darknet

Marisa de Andrade

Angus Bancroft

19th August Dr Data: The Answer To Cancer

What Keeps You Sharp?

Dave Robertson and Aileen Keel

Alan Gow

20th August Surviving The Storm

The Romance Novel As High Art?

Ian Edwards

Amy Burge

21st August Dae Ye Have A Sick-Line, Ken?

Hug More Thugs

Derek Ball

Lesley McAra and Susan McVie

22nd August Alternative Facts: Is The Truth In The Archives?

Fibre Optic Sensors Can Save The World!

Rachel Hosker


Matthew Partridge

23rd August How To Rebuild A Life

Is Monolingualism Making Us Ill?

Alastair Ager and colleagues

Thomas Bak

24th August Cows Eat Grass, Don’t They?

A Virus To End Humanity?

Orla Shortall


Liam Brierley

25th August Women, Science Is Not For You: III

Find Your Neurotribe!

Pam Cameron, Clare Taylor and Frances M. Lynch

Matthias Schwannauer

26th August Dr Google Will See You Now!

Psychiatry Is The Best Medicine!

Mhairi Aitken


Stephen Lawrie

27th August Can Sustainability Ever Be Mainstream?

Our Genes Tell Us What To Do

Elli-Maria Charalampidou and Nikolaos Papadogiannis

Jonathan Pettitt