Today I’m talking to Sarah Keer-Keer and David Finnegan about their goals.

Hear more from Sarah and David at their show ‘All News is Fake News’ on the 15th August at the New Town Theatre. 

What is your no. 1 personal goal?

To get to the end of this year in one piece – I had a head injury in December 2017 and it has turned my life upside down.

What goals do you have for decision making by people more generally?

To help people to spot signs that people are trying to use emotion in a negative way to sway their judgment. I think we can all be better judges of information, but we are naturally lazy.

How do you aim to influence the media and/or public perception of the media?

‘The media’ meant something very different 8 years ago, to what it means now: we are living through a massive change in how we get information. I don’t want to encourage fear, but scepticism would be healthy! I would like people to work together to feel more confident about assessing information and asking for evidence. Scientists have long been sceptics, and evidence-based decision makers, it’s a good discipline.

How can I aim to better separate facts from fiction in the media?

Always be aware of your own and other people’s fallibility. Try to be aware of who the person creating information works for and any hidden motives they may have.

If you have the time, look at a headline, an article or Facebook post. Look at the text critically, and underline statements that are opinion, emotional or judgemental. Then using another colour underline any factual statements. Then find an article from another source, and do the same. Compare what you see.