Glasgow College CODI shows

The Fringe may not have started yet but our Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas researchers are already hard at work.

Aside from the gruelling boot camps, endless hash tagging and amateur video making, two of our brilliant performers are even embarking on early Cabarets of Dangerous Ideas in June! Richard Kyle and Alan Gow will be performing on the 19th and 21st of June respectively to an audience of Glasgow College staff and students. As usual, incomparable MC Susan Morrison will be in attendance bringing her own signature brand of entertainment

Dr Richard Kyle is Reader in Population and Public Health at Edinburgh Napier University and Head of the Population and Public Health Theme within the School of Health & Social Care. His research features regularly in Scottish and UK newspapers and on national television and radio and he even shapes national policy and public debate. 

His show Obesity Bankrupted Our NHS focusses on a simple premise: we must lose our weight or our NHS. Obesity is something we just can’t afford.  It threatens an institution we all treasure.  For every £100 spent on the NHS, a fiver is spent on obesity, in a decade it’ll double. That’s £12 billion a year – enough to double the number of nurses in the NHS.  As always this dangerous idea promises to bring exciting discussion to the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas.

Dr Alan Gow is a Research Leader and Associate Professor in Psychology at Heriot Watt University. His research focuses on identifying lifestyle and behavioural factors that predict healthy ageing within The Ageing Lab.

His show What Keeps You Sharp? will premiere at Glasgow College this year before appearing during the Fringe Festival on Tuesday 7th August and Thursday 16th August. He will explore the idea of ‘having a senior moment’ and whether we should really think of changes in our mental skills with age in terms of decline. While some people do experience these changes, others do not. He explores how thinking skills change through midlife and beyond, and whether our lifestyles affect those changes through the results of a nationwide survey about attitudes towards the changes people expect in their thinking skills with age.

Sadly these shows are only open to Glasgow College staff and students but we hope to see plenty of you there!