Celebrity Crush

Today we’re finding out all about Chris Blumzon’s celebrity crush!

Chris’s show ‘School of Batman- Live!’ is on Sunday 12th August. His

show, based on podcast ‘School of Batman’, also features Megan Hardeman of Figshare and Matthew Partridge of Southampton University. 

Who’s your celebrity crush?

CB: Poison Ivy! Poison Ivy is one of the many great Batman villains and had quite the impact as a child which has carried on to adulthood. Uma Thurman did a good job in the movies but it was always the Poison Ivy of the comics for me.

Which celebrity provided the inspiration for your show?

CB: Surprisingly, Batman. As one of the few superheroes without powers, I was enthralled with how Batman used science, technology and intellect to overcome the many challenges that he faced. Working in scientific software, this same enthrallment is substituted perfectly for the admiration and esteem I hold for the academic community and I wanted to use the framing device of Batman to tell their stories. They are my real superheroes!

At what age did you become interested by batman?

CB: Batman was such a persistent part of culture growing up that I can’t ever really remember a time when Batman was not a part of life. It was absolutely the Tim Burton Batman film of 1989 that kicked it all off and by the time the animated series rolled around and I had enough pocket money for comics, I was hooked.

What is it that makes him more than a kids character for you?

CB: One of the great things about Batman is that with so many incredible artists and writers over the years using the character to tell the stories they want to tell, there is truly a Batman for everyone. If you want a Batman for kids, he’s there and there’s stories that explore complex themes without patronising that I think is a key reason he resonates so much with younger people. You want pulpy crime dramas? Gothic noir? Futurology? Sci fi? Explorations on madness and the human condition? I truly believe that no other character has such a breadth of scope and that’s why I love him.

Is your show only for batman fans?

CB: Absolutely not. If you’re a big batman fan, you’re certain to get a kick out of the science behind the Shark Repellent Bat Spray but ultimately it is a fun celebration of humanity’s search for knowledge with relatable stories that will help you get to grips with complex topics.