‘The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas is an initiative set up to ‘take the academics out of their ivory towers and engage with the public’… the audience are comfortable talking back to the speaker and [Susan Morrison] injects the evening with some self-deprecating, suitably tone-lowering humour to make the potentially dense subject much less intimidating.’

(‘Is Your Online Reputation Hurting You?’, Broadway Baby)

‘All of the CODI talks are designed to challenge their audiences and Lawrie certainly gave his listeners food for thought’

(‘Mental Health Is…Mental’, The Lancet)


A fascinating discussion that could go on well beyond its hour-long time limit’

(‘If I Googled you, what would I find?’, Broadway Baby)



‘The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas offers an interesting format for public engagement and discussion with front line science’

(‘THE HIDDEN WORLD OF FUNCTIONAL DISORDERS Dr Jon Stone at the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas’, The Sick of the Fringe)


‘The Great British Brain Off’ – 4 stars, Edinburgh Spotlight

Alas, Poor Darwin…?’ 4 starts, Broadway Baby



‘[T]here are no talks here which don’t promise to be hugely educational and thought-provoking’

(‘Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas tackles out-of-view topics at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe’, The List)


‘Keep the Kids Out!’  – 4 stars, Broadway Baby

‘Speech Sucks!’ – 4 stars, Broadway Baby

‘Antidepressants Are Not Overprescribed’ – 3 stars, Broadway Baby

‘I Know What You Are Last Summer’ – 4 stars, Broadway Baby 

‘The Internet Is A Human Right’ – 3 stars, Broadway Baby 

‘Should Capitalism be Criminal?’ 3 stars, Broadway Baby



‘This edition of the Splegeltent’s unassuming afternoon discussion series more than lived up to its grand promise: to navigate ides that felt truly “dangerous”‘.

(‘Verb Garden: The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas’ – 4 stars, Broadway Baby)


‘Thoughtful, learned perspectives on questions ranging from mortality to the financial crisis to the fashion industry.’

(‘Verb Garden – The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas (Fair Pley / The Famous Spiegeltent)’ – 3 stars, Three Weeks Edinburgh)