Fair Pley

Established iFair Pley logon 2003, Fair Pley is a Glasgow-based arts production company. It produces and promotes a range of events, including music, theatre, comedy, and special events.

Behind Fair Pley are Stephen Wright and Jim Lister. They both seem so laid back they’re almost horizontal – no doubt developed over years of coping with show business divas – but they and their company are strongly principled. Fair Pley is ‘defiantly ethical’ and works with a broad range of partner organisations including Scottish Prison Service (SPS), The Co-operative, housing associations, tertiary education institutions, Trade Unions and a range of third sector organisations, national charities and Fair Pley logovoluntary organisations, as well as commercial partners. Fair Pley develops employment and training opportunities for young people in a variety of arts-based settings.

Stephen Wright and Susan Morrison

Fair Pley’s Stephen has patiently been with the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas since the beginning. A plain-speaking Glaswegian himself, he has unflinchingly tolerated university bureaucracy and politics and Beltane’s initial lack of appreciation of how fast and uncompromisingly the Edinburgh Fringe operates. He sees the best in every one of our researchers and stuck with the Cabaret during its first loss-making years. He is also the perfect straight man to Susan Morrison – if you could book them as a double-act, we would.

Fair Pley is always up to something good, so check out their Facebook page for all the info on their latest shows!