CoDI interns



Each year, we are fortunate to have a fabulous CoDI intern, courtesy of the University of Edinburgh’s Employ.ed scheme and the Institute for Academic Development. In 2017, this grew to two interns to manage the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas’s growth.

The interns work from June until the end of August and are responsible for the final – and crucial – marketing push, plus on-the-day support for all our performers. All our interns have been crucial to the success of the shows! Not least because they know the difference between Snapchat and Tinder…


Alexandra – 2017

Alexandra Cameron, one of our 2017 interns

Tabby – 2017

Tabby James, our other 2017 intern


Alex – 2016

Alex Oates, our 2016 intern
Alex Oates









Lucy – 2015

Lucy Gibbons, our 2015 intern


Silje – 2014

Our 2014 intern, Silje Graffer
Silje Graffer