25 Days of CoDI: Day 14

On the fourteenth day of CoDI, I heard Grahame sing to me…

Let’s talk about tax, babyy, Let’s talk about you and me, Let’s talk about all the good things, And the bad things that may be, Let’s talk about tax, baby. 

Okay so you know the song, but do you know the talk? No? Over to Grahame it is then…

Grahame Steven: Tax Powers? Careful What You Wish For!

Grahame steven

I’m not a fully paid up member of the academic world. I have a guilty secret. I used to work for companies in the UK, Europe and Africa. This means I view issues from a real world and an academic perspective.


Tax affects us all. Last year, I decided to look at the implications of devolving income tax powers to Scotland since it had become a big issue. I was shocked when I read the legislation. Has anyone thought this through? I puzzled about this until I heard Margaret Hodge MP tell a tax conference that since MPs rely on technical experts to create tax legislation they find it difficult to challenge their work. So the answer was no. I then considered the implications of devolving corporation tax to Scotland, which a number of MSPs are calling for. Once again, the implications were surprising.


We need an evidence based approach to making policy – just put my academic hat on – that takes account of the views of real people to create practical legislation that is seen to be fair. This is particularly important for tax legislation since devolving tax powers to the Scottish Government doesn’t just affect Scotland.


So please come along to my show since I’m looking forward to a robust exchange of views on this contentious topic.

Well, you heard the man! What are you waiting for?

Grahame’s show takes place on Wednesday 17th August, Stand in the Square (Venue 372), 3-4pm, £8 (£6)

Purchase tickets at: http://www.outstandingtickets.com/show/111/performance/1546/book-tickets


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