Today I’m asking the big questions with Daphne Loads! No not the meaning of life, think more tea or coffee. 

To hear more from Daphne join her at her show ‘Stop Making Sense’ on the 10th August at the New Town Theatre.

Cats or dogs?


Coffee or tea?


Do you take the temperature or feel the heat?

I do both or either depending on the situation. But I’m more likely to feel the heat.

Do you like graphs and charts or do you prefer Picasso?

Picasso every time

Why do we need to stop being so rational? Why do we need to feel the heat?

Because there’s so much more to life than logic and facts

Are universities harbouring the ‘abnormally high levels of rationality’ you mention?


Why is this a problem?

Because some things that students need to understand can’t be taught through logical argument.

How can we change things?

Some of the ways I know are: reading poems, growing flowers, having a laugh, examining assumptions, learning from cats….