2015 press release

2015 Fringe programme

The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas is a compilation of 24 interactive shows each with its own unique theme, debate and danger. The Cabaret aims to provide an informal platform for researchers to discuss their work with members of the public. It is curated by the Beltane Public Engagement Network, produced by Fair Pley, and compered by the comedienne Susan Morrison. The shows are designed to be as interactive as possible. The provocative nature of the shows encourages questions and debate in the academic discipline, thus resulting in the sharing of both academic expertise and public opinions.

Full programme and show details available below and brochure found here.

Here are some themes in the programme which may be of particular interest:

Women in Science

  • “Cervical Cancer- you’re history!”- Monday 10th August,
  • “Women! Science is still not for you” – Thursday 14th August,
  • “Computers are only for geeks”- Saturday 29th August

Away with the pseudoscience- the truth behind health and wellbeing

  • “GM bacteria could save your life!” – Sunday 9th August
  • “Stop brushing your teeth”- Wednesday 12th August
  • “The Great British Brain Off”- Thursday 27th August
  • “What if Lance Armstrong had the right Idea?” Friday 28th August

Beauty and the face behind the selfie

  • “Fashion and the selfie culture”- Monday 17th August
  • “Whose face is it anyway”- Tuesday 18th August

The world of crime, drugs and violence

  • “Swords into Ploughshares” Saturday 22nd August
  • “The cocaine conspiracy”- Sunday 23rd August
  • “The war on drugs is harmful”- Monday 24th August
  • “Hug a thug” – Tuesday 25th August

Scotland’s Year of Food and Drink

  • “Wild, Scottish and free”- Thursday 20th August
  • “Scotland in six swallies”- Tuesday 11th August

Listing information:

7th- 30th August
Venue 372- The Stand in the Square
Tickets: £8 (7) www.edfringe.com and www.thestand.co.uk

Full programme

The first Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas programme was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2013 and now involves researchers from across the county including; the University of St Andrews, Dundee University, University of Edinburgh Heriot-watt University, Edinburgh Napier and Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh.


“A rare treat of the Fringe is being able to speak your mind in a venue without having the talent shout you down.”
(Broadway Baby 2014)

“The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas should be applauded for providing a space for academics to discuss their research and share ideas with the general public.”
(Broadway Baby 2014)