2013 programme

Fringe 2013 programme

Date – Show – Performers

2nd – Embracing Death – Richard Smith
3rd – How to be a Financial Hacker – Brett Scott
4th – Witches, Quacks and Painted Ladies – Susan Morrison
5th – Crowdsource your Neighbourhood – Nicola Osborne and Addy Pope
6th – Can All Walks be on the Catwalk? – Mal Burkinshaw and Susan Morrison
7th – Lighten up about the Sun – Richard Weller and Susan Morrison
8th – When Harm is Legal – Lynne Copson and Susan Morrison
9th – Unseen, not Unexplained – Jon Stone
12th – Everyone’s Invited – Do they Want to Come? – David Stevenson, Anthony Schrag and Susan Morrison
13th – Engagement Overload? – Sergio Della Salla and Seonag Mackinnon
14th – Theatre for Foetuses – Ben Fletcher-Watson and Rachel Drury
15th – Demolish Morningside! – Peter Matthews, Richard J. Williams and Susan Morrison
16th – Robots Rise – Subramanian Ramamoorthy and Hugh Murdoch
17th – Red Hair: Truth, Secrets and Lies – Ian Jackson and Susan Morrison
18th – Rethinking Rules – Tim Johnson
19th – George Osborne’s Vain Pursuit – David Cobham
20th – Send the Deaf to Orkney! – Graham Turner, Jeff McWhinney and Susan Morrison
21st – Bad Language – Graeme Trousdale and Susan Morrison
22nd – The Disembodied University – Jen Ross, Sian Bayne and Hamish Macleod
23rd – Smoking in my Private Space – Butt Out! – Deborah Ritchie, James Cant, Neneh Rowa-Dewar and Susan Morrison
24th & 25th – Testing the People’s Manifesto – Mark Thomas and academic special guests