Who Owns History? -Rachel Hosker and Anne-Marie Scott

August 13, 2019 @ 8:10 pm – 9:10 pm Europe/London Timezone
New Town Theatre
96 George St
Edinburgh EH2 3DH
0844 477 1000

Rachel Hosker and Anne-Marie Scott-Who Owns History?

Who decides what and who gets remembered? And how?  Who owns our historical records, and should they? Rachel Hosker and Anne-Marie Scott (The University of Edinburgh) explore the, at times, dark recesses of the information captured in our archives.  Who owns, uses and manages this information? Why is some information disclosed, whilst other material is not? Who is in charge of our memories as individuals, families, and communities? The history of our archives is one of activism, subversion, trust, appropriation of culture, and representation through the information we keep; the future may be the looming digital disaster!