Statistics is Evil! -Liam Brierley

August 5, 2019 @ 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm Europe/London Timezone
New TownTheatre
96 George St
Edinburgh EH2 3DH
0844 477 1000

Liam Brierley –Statistics is Evil!

Coventry University. Library , FBL , EEC

Can you really trust statistics? Often thought of as manipulative or untrustworthy, statistics gets a bad reputation. It may be no surprise then that statistics has been interwoven throughout all things morbid in human history, like disease, conflict, and death. But is it fair to group statistics alongside those evils? Join statistician Liam Brierley (Coventry University) to discover why the US army protected its forces against a danger they never saw, how risky your bacon sandwich in the morning is, and whether you can really believe that key evidence that solves the murder trial.