Does Sex Still sell? -Kat Rezai

August 24, 2019 @ 8:10 pm – 9:10 pm Europe/London Timezone
New Town Theatre
96 George St
Edinburgh EH2 3DH
0844 477 1000

Kat Rezai- Does Sex Still sell?

Women have been portrayed as sexual objects in advertising for many years. Recently, female Instagram influencers [adopted by brands] depict sexualisation as a stance of individualistic choice and empowerment. In other words they are empowered through the notion of individualistic choice through the power of their bodies. Influencers bring themes of sexualisation to branded content product themes such as weight-loss, clothing, lingerie, teeth-whiteners other beauty items. Influencers often use self-sexualised images to promote the respective sponsored branded product. Researcher Kat Rezai (Edinburgh Napier University) questions: are Instagram ads just one more way of selling self-objectification?