CODI 2015: Skating on thin ice

August 21, 2015 @ 3:00 pm Europe/London Timezone
‘The Stand in The Square’, St Andrew Square, Edinburgh (EH2), Fringe Venue 372.
Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH2
£8/ £7 ( concession


Skating on thin ice @le_Street

Why don’t we just let the Arctic melt? What will the Arctic look like in 50 years’ time? Will your children be the last generation to learn that the Arctic seas are covered by ice all year round? Why are governments across the world so interested in what is happening up North? The Arctic climate is warming more quickly than anywhere else on the planet. We already see the effects on land, as well as at sea. Discover how the Arctic helps to keep the planet cool, and why its changing state could affect us all.

Street, Lorna Wookey, Phil

Dr Lorna Street, Project HYDRA, part of the NERC Arctic Research Programme & Professor Phil Wookey, Ecosystem Science, to Heriot-Watt University


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