July 16, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm Europe/London Timezone
The Stand Comedy Club
5 York Place
Standard £6 Concession £5
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0131 558 7272

Now in its seventh year at the Fringe, The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas sees some of the country’s leading academics and researchers escape from their ‘ivory towers’, with the express purpose of simultaneously explaining their most dangerous ideas and entertaining real people.

They call it ‘public engagement’; we call it ‘a right good night!’.

With plenty of time for questions and discussion, three academics preview their Fringe shows, ably assisted by compere and self-styled ‘stupidest person in the room’, Susan Morrison.

Spoiler alert: This is NOT a lecture.  Attendees are liable to learn something new and interesting!

Rebekka Puderbaugh – Don’t believe your ears!

Did Grover drop an F-bomb on Sesame Street? Do the names Yanny and Laurel make you want to fight? You know what your ears tell you – you heard it yourself! But why do so many people disagree? How can people can hear radically different things in the same sound? Who’s right? Can even a professional linguist say for sure? Pit your ears against your friends’ and neighbours’ and let’s settle this once and for all. Using acoustic trickery Rebekka Puderbaugh (The University of Edinburgh) will make you doubt reality and distrust everything (you think) you hear.

Ron O’Donnell – Art is Shit!

What is art and should we fund it? Have you ever thought: “What the f**k is that? People pay money for that? A two-year old could do it!”.  We’re talking art with Ron O’Donnell (Edinburgh Napier University).

Who decides what is valuable, or creative? Do you need to be educated to understand it? Would you despair if a great artwork was destroyed? Would you give a shit if all contemporary art disappeared tomorrow? If art is an act of expressing feelings, thoughts, and observation, why is so much of it baffling and aloof?

RayyaGhul – Are you a problem addict?

Problems are like whirlpools – they suck you in.  How often have you found yourself talking over and over about the same ‘difficult’ people and other irritations?  What if you don’t actually need to understand a problem to come up with a great solution?  This is the radical idea at the heart of Solution Focus.

Rayya Ghul (The University of Edinburgh), internationally-renowned solution-focused practitioner, will bust myths about the value of problem-solving.  You’ll have a chance to learn the skills behind conversations that can create real and lasting change.  Are you ready to give up stressing?

Duration: 120minutes | Show ends: 10.30pm approx. | Age Guidance: 18+ | Bar: From when doors open and after the show | Food Service: Bar snacks available